Human resources are the key to a successful completion of products, projects and services. As a result we spend a lot of time in selection of the people who fit our customer's requirements.
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Consulting Services

Given our expertise and reputation in High Tech Projects we frequently are being ask to provide advise to a large number of Technology Areas. We provide this type of services considering the organizational and computing environments. Given our large pool of resources, well equipped to work in an international environment, we can make adequate resources available within a short time-frame.

From a technology point of view our main expertise lies in the area of Database Management and Software Migration / Re-hosting Services.

For Database Management this includes:

  • On-line Transaction Processing (OLTP)
  • DSS
  • Data Warehouse (DWH)

For Software Migration / Re-hosting Services this includes:

  • Migration Feasibility Studies
  • Language Translation
  • Database Migration
  • Platform Migration

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