Human resources are the key to a successful completion of products, projects and services. As a result we spend a lot of time in selection of the people who fit our customer's requirements.
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SURE, Development Alternatives

The high demand for Computer Professionals combined with the explosive growth of INTERNET applications has lead to the acceptance of different ways of defining and creating customized applications. Whereas previously, application-development management wanted to create applications mostly under their own supervision, they are now open to out-source the development of specific components to other organizations.

This possibility has been in existance since the creation of OBJECT oriented programming, however it was hardly used. With the existance of well accepted OPEN COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT, and the availability of distributed development environments and tools, the control can rest with the Project Manager residing at "home", while the development work gets done at other locations.

Another way of looking at this is through the definition and development of software components, which can be customized for each customer.

Software components

Although many tool providers already supply software components, our aim is to deliver at low costs an integrated application software environment customized for specific industry applications as alternatives to IN-HOUSE development.

As such, development costs and development time can be reduced to half or below of the original estimated costs.

We have developed a special method to define and implement these software modules, based on software complexity models, which will be guided through highly qualified Project Managers to validate timely and qualified delivery.

Development standarts

For the development and use of the concept of Software Components a special set of rules need to be agreed on. This will enable the ultimate owner of the source-code a full life-cycle control of the application software. In order to be successful, we selectively use software development environments which offer a full range of development functionalities. By doing so we endorse the success of the long term viability of this concept.

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