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Investment Portfolio Applications - Securities


The Security suite of applications consist of a number of software modules, covering a fast amount of Investment application functionality. The system integrates easily with other industry international standard interfaces, enabling organizations to smoothly fit into already existing networks around the world. The applications suite has been operational for over 3 years and has been evolving since, to become a modern and advanced system using the latest technology standards.

It supports the traditional functions required by Investment Companies and Investment Banks including security trading back-office, accounting and reporting in multi dimensional, multi currency, multi country and multi exchange environments.

The system supports the whole range of functionalities with specialties in the following sections:

  • Exchange Market
  • Over the Counter Market
  • Security Custody

The system can be configured as per the organization's required management structures.

Application Functionality


  • Bonds & Shares
  • Negotiatable Certificates of Deposits, Safe Certificates, Bills


  • Trading and Investment Portfolio
  • Client's Portfolio
  • Nominee shareholders
  • Security Types
  • Security Conversion
  • Inter-portfolio movements


  • Custody Type
  • Custody Positions

Corporate Events

  • Custodian Changes
  • Nominal Changes
  • Conversion
  • Bonus Issue, Split, Rights Issue
  • Divident Notification
  • General Meeting Notifications


  • Automated accounting entries
  • Automated Fee and Commission charges
  • Revaluation Profit / Loss
  • Realized P/L by LIFO / FIFO


  • Statutory Reports
  • Operational Reports
  • Analytical reports


  • Client's by Email
  • Trading Systems
  • Exhanges SWIFT

Base Systems

To support further developments of the application software these software-platforms allow for:

  • Powerfull and flexible capability for report generation
  • Fast creation of application prototyping
  • Full support of the application life-cycle
  • Internet Support

Furthermore, the selected selected software platforms have the following advantages:

  • Full Client/Server Environment
  • Operating System (OS-platform) independent
  • Scalable platform(s) support
  • Support of a Database of nearly any size
  • Flexible Security System features
  • Build-in safety options in case of hardware and/or software failures
  • Build-in Internet feature capabilities
  • Support of Graphical User Interface (GUI)

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